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E-Commerce Web sites

33.3% of the population shop online. That is approximately 2.64 billion people.

With e-commerce websites rising year on year, it is hard to put an argument forward as to why not sell online.

An excellent online shop should be a user-friendly experience. It should have detailed product descriptions, cross-sell, link to social marketing, offer promotions and loyalty schemes, have a recognised reliable payment gateway, and integrated shipping, with third-party integration such as customer relationship management. If budgets permit, it should have a recognised ratings and reviews area, and finally, it should be search engine friendly, mobile friendly, and provide comprehensive reports and analytics. With all that in place, you will have an online shop ready for a global market.

Although we code our own online shops with a CMS, off-the-shelf solutions such as Shopify, Square, BigCommerce, Woo Commerce, Wix, Magento, Salesforce Commerce, Ecwi and Zoho are a cost-effective solution that meets many clients needs when developed alongside a technical and creative team like us.

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