Good copywriting is one of the most critical elements of any marketing. Good copy will ask a reader to feel, think, learn and respond. Great copywriting can break down a reader's guard by communicating from a different angle and approach.

Jargon is not part of well written copy. Sometimes when copywriters need help conveying what is unique about their subject matter, they resort to jargon. Good copy does not require frills. It should humanly connect to the reader.

Appropriate copy gets to the point. It is direct and in the tone of voice of the brand. Where possible copy should be minimal without losing the point of the piece. Headlines are designed to grab a reader's attention and get them to read the first line of text. The purpose of the first line is to get someone to read the second line, and so on.

Our in-house team work daily with clients on content for digital, exhibition, sales, and print. We also have a bank of specialist technical writers for when required.

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