Competition is fierce with apps. The Apple App Store receives thousands of submissions every month. So, developing an app that is an improvement on what is already available or fills a gap in the market is vital. The primary goal of your app is to interact with your customers.

Apps can be created for task resolution, loyalty, entertainment, customer service and content.

You may decide you require an app to add more value to your customers, build a stronger brand, connect with customers, improve customer loyalty, provide a competitive edge, utilise social media channels, find customer insights, provide unique services and have an avenue for customer feedback.

If you compare an app to a standard website, mobile apps cater to consumers ‘need for speed.’ Things such as push notifications deliver a 70% opt-in rate on average. If you compare this to the 5% gained from email, opt in’s. Apps are pretty impressive.

Our in-house team build apps for Apple and Google with comprehensive and user experience testing.

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