Posted: 2019-05-22

In this digital era, we know that brands are able to target consumers with call to actions that are specifically aimed at certain groups. This method of targeting is often not translated through to other methods of marketing.

More and more of our clients have services and products that have diversified into different market/consumer sectors. Their service or product offering in some cases is the same, but the benefits and rationale may be different…yet their past design and marketing has been a “one fits all” message.

Consumers rate simplicity as one of the key factors of purchasing a service or product – ensuring the message is targeted at the right market is one way of creating simplicity. If you own a dog, you don’t want lots of info and promotions on cats. Likewise if software works across the car, agriculture and hospitality sectors you only want case studies and information that relate to your sector. Why would anyone want to search through lots of irrelevant information to find something that relates to their needs? People expect information to be relayed promptly and concisely.

Researching markets, forming separate databases combined with marketing tools that start with initial contact through to sale is vital in this day and age.

Clients are also now more aware that maintaining their existing customer relationships is a key to growth. If existing clients receive none specific information, the message conveyed is that they are not important enough to consider what information is relevant to them – hence causing damage to the existing relationship instead of nurturing it.

We work with many clients on their sales funnels and personalising their messaging, so when work is done, it produces more interest and even more important than that – it produces interest of a high calibre. The effectiveness of this approach is evident in many of the briefs with have undertaken.

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