Posted: 2019-10-01

How important are job titles? This question is raised more and more by our clients. Some opt not to put their titles on business cards and email footers as it is perceived as hierarchical or narcissistic, but if you don’t put your title on the card, how do people know what you do?

There are many answers to this – write a brief job bio on the back of your card and email footer. Find an image that represents your job role, some even opt to have a link with a video testimonial, which describes their job function.

Are we just trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist? We think so. It’s great to do the videos and podcasts to provide insight into your job, but often in meetings, people just need to know who does what, so they can direct questions accordingly.

So yes, loose the qualifications if you wish to make things a more level playing field – you will prove your worth by what you do. Keep the job title, it helps people – believe us we have been there in meetings with 20+ people that we have never met before and are introduced with haste – it makes meetings harder when people don’t know what you do.



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