Posted: 2017-03-02

There’s no denying that Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to marketing, but there’s also no denying that when it comes to decrypting and presenting the data to clients, things can get quite confusing. Enter Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio makes it easy to turn Google Analytics data into easy-to-understand reports using clear and simple infographics. There are some impressive features included, such as showing updates automatically on reports and easy sharing and customisation capabilities. You can even import data reports from other sources such as Facebook, provided you put it onto a Google Sheet first. And what does this mean for marketeers and their clients? Better communication. When presenting analytics data on a spreadsheet, you might as well be presenting in Latin. Sure, some people are fluent and understand every word, but the majority of people just don't get it. With Google Data Studio, these spreadsheets are translated into plain English, allowing marketeers to show the results of their digital marketing efforts, and allowing clients to see what their customers are up to... or their digital marketing providers for that matter. Unfortunately, Google Data Studio has not made it over to the UK as yet, it is still only available for beta in the US, but it is expected to reach us later this year. As part of the Google Analytics 360 Suite Enterprise package, it will also fetch a hefty price tag, but assuming the UK release is done as in the US, they will include a teaser trial with the free version, which allows you to create up to five custom reports before cutting you off cold turkey. Whether it’s worth the money is yet to be determined, but we’re certainly excited to try it!

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