Posted: 2020-04-15

Video and Animation

In a world of smart phones and influencers video, animation and movement is a major go to method of communication online.

Video and animation helps you convey your brand's personality, they can allow you to express your brand's values in a tone that your audience relate to. Basic uses include product launches, tutorials, testimonials or just showing your company in action.

Social media is a great platform for video as most use video-focused algorithms helping you better reach your audience, video and animation does help your click-through rate increasing website traffic.

Google adores a good video or animation. Figures show that movement captivates your audience keeping them on your website for longer, letting Google know your content is valuable and helping to push you up the rankings and get on that first page.

Videos for social do not need to be perfect, you don’t need the best tech or editing software out there to convey your message effectively. It’s all about the content when it comes to video and grasping your audience’s attention quickly. The marketing behind the content is what counts. For an animation and show reel quality and slick skills do count!

It is no mystery as to why video gets more shares than both text and image post combined. Video is often more entertaining making it more engaging while still adding value by providing your audience with information. 






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