Posted: 2008-12-12

The Prime team has launched some innovative training courses in design skills to help marketeers understand good design. We know that many marketing departments have to produce some literature and digital campaigns in-house to assist with budgets. After speaking to many of our clients we know that some are hitting brick walls in an attempt to make things look good and convey the right messages.

After working in the industry for over 15 years Prime Creative Director Sue Fearnsides said ” We work in the real world at Prime and know that some of our clients are having to produce some work internally. We know that true design skills are hard to teach but many clients just need to be taught such areas as balance, colour and font usage. It is easy to get carried away with software packages and over work jobs. Often messages are lost in the abyss of poor photography and layout. We want to help our clients that need to produce some of their own marketing material and what better way than to offer one to one training with someone who lives and breathes design.

After starting the design courses Prime has been asked to provide web development and Photoshop training. Recently we have been asked to hold a mornings workshop in photographic composition.

We consider this work a valuable bonus to our client service. We can help clients achieve professional documents for projects where styles are in place or which involve technical documentation. Our skills can then be made available where creative concepts and designs are required .

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