Posted: 2011-07-24

Its basic yet amazing how many people do not use keywords correctly. Below is a guide to how to select the right keywords for your business.

Remember that you are a customer, think about how you search.

Sandwich shop Leeds, general search

Best sandwiches in Leeds, purchase search

Smiths Sandwiches in Headingley Leeds, destination search

Identifying how customers make a purchase search for your business can quickly increase traffic and money, but don't forget about the general searches as these can be equally important in the long run.

Find out what Keywords bring customers to your site and add to it!

Brainstorming works, get the team together and write down keywords that describe your business. Write anything and everything, things that sound silly in the beginning may be the primary search term for your customers.

Think about the wording different customers will use. A teacake might be a teacake in Yorkshire but it's a barm cake over the border!

Use a thesaurus; use the team, use clients, friends and family but above all use your head. Eat, sleep and breathe as a customer.

When you have your list, work on it again, start from the top and reword, rewrite and refine, until you have found what you are looking for.

Remember to test your words, simply type them into a search engine and see who pops up, if it's your competitors then you're on the right track.

Top Tips

Research key words, search for your competitors

Choose no more than 3-5 keywords

Keyword Density is important, aim for 5-10%

Choose key phrases carefully. Keep them to three or four words and include your location.

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