Posted: 2020-04-01

Your logo represents your business. It must be professional and communicate your company/products values and benefits. Having a professionally designed logo will help your audience identify you so create a logo and brand that leaves a lasting first impression.


Understanding your goals  

Reflecting on your ethos and goals can help to create a more powerful logo that carries the message of your company, your logo can represent your service or reflect your beliefs and values so it's important to understand what you want to achieve before embarking on the design part of the project.


Keep it simple

Some of the best logos are very simple, some examples of this are the Nike tick or Apples iconic apple, both use a simple icon yet are instantaneously recognisable. A unique logo doesn’t need to be complex to make it stand out, less is more. Always think about the different sizes and methods of print/digital use your logo will be needed to work in.


Mono and Colour

Designing a great logo can be a challenging task. Selecting a colour palette is essential but remember your logo needs to work in mono too. 


Innovation and creativity

Trends will always come and go. Keeping up with the latest trends isn’t a bad thing but when it comes to your logo you want it to be unique and have longevity. Often great brands that have brand recognition do subtle updates now and again but on the whole, a great logo should stand the test of time. If your brand is not recognised within your market place then that is a separate discussion that needs to take place with your agency. If your brand has no real value then re-invention may be required. 


A well-designed logo will help to establish trust and credibility in your market so when it comes to the design, take some time to think about it and talk to professionals that are used to working on branding projects and just as important, can assist you in taking your brand forward.




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