Posted: 2008-11-10

This year’s digital hotlists all look fairly similar in who is at the top of their game. Over the years it has become more and more apparent that the standard webpage just isn’t enough to make a mark in our digital world. More and more sites are encompassing search networks, social networking, applications, games, mobile compatibility, forums… the list is endless.

Google appears to be the leader in the industry with their subtle but effective approach. They account for a large section of the online ad market worldwide. With their constant development of media rich online applications, that range from image management to internet browsing, they have certainly shaped and will continue to change the future of digital media.

Other high ranking sites include facebook, hulu and youtube. Successful, in my opinion, because the user’s experience on the site is highly interactive. It’s almost if you can chose your own adventure, upload what you like, say what you like, and then view what other people think. I was a facebook neophyte until about a month ago. I was completely resistant to the “facebook movement” for almost 2 years… But I caved. The definitive moment being when my grandfather sent me a friend request. Let’s face it, I had no choice.

In the end, the media industry moves so quickly that you can’t help but get caught in its wake. We’re all trying to get on that digital hotlist and make our own waves.

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