Posted: 2018-12-12

As an agency, Prime Creative has always been proud not to compete with the ‘big boys'. We are happy for them to get on with what they do, the way they do it, and let us do things our way.

As a smaller agency we can do things in are own way, and it works. In October smaller agencies won various industry awards that had traditionally been awarded to larger agencies.

We are not knocking the 'big guys' there is a place for them. All we are saying is that smaller teams are also proving their worth more than ever.

As an employer we can offer flexibility on many levels.

  • Management have the luxury of working side by side with teams to collaborate.
  • We can entice great creatives as we can accommodate a work balance philosophy better.
  • Our team has a say in the work we do, the companies we approach and, most importantly how Prime Creative works day to day. They are the company!
  • We don’t need a flash office. We can source unique buildings that are individual and offer teams great working environments.

We can also meet clients’ needs in unique ways, which we are happy to demonstrate to potential clients. In addition we can invest more time with our clients, build long-standing relationships and get to know them as individuals.

All our team is accessible to our clients. Liaising direct with studio or developers is no problem – why do you want a middle person if you prefer not to?







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