Posted: 2009-01-04

Over the past seventeen years Prime has survived many different economic scenarios. Although determined not to become despondent by the current economic downturn we know that the reality of the situation is affecting many of our clients.

For many working in marketing departments the fact that marketing budgets are often the first to come under the spotlight to save costs leaves little hope. During a recession the need for marketing can be greater but this view often this seems to carry little weight.

Companies who strengthen their marketing strategies through wise spending and targeted campaigns can have greater success in difficult times. However this philosophy often goes unheeded.

As in many things it is a question of balance. If budgets need to be reduced, successful marketing plans can be created with targeted aims and projects Results should be monitored at each stage, as a change in economic circumstances may need plans to be revised.

Maintaining brand presence is vital. Electronic communications can reduce costs particularly on large volumes whilst still allowing you to communicate effectively with your customers. If your website is simply a brochure on a screen adapting this to become a place for discussion and industry communication could be worth considering.

Combining traditional methods with targeted telemarketing can often create interest in your company. Additionally small events for key clients to join together, network and discuss business can often prove successful.

Any design and marketing company should welcome the opportunity to assess your current situation. and suggest ways to make your budget, whatever its size, work harder for you.

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