Posted: 2013-09-13

Straplines have been around for so long that sometimes it is easy to forget the importance of a great one. Even flicking through a magazine we can come across hundreds and not even realise we are reading them, however as we all know when you read a good one – you remember it. It is effective. Straplines are a brilliant way to raise recognition and highlight the values of a brand.

The most important thing that needs to be considered when when brainstorming your strapline ideas is that what you are promising to deliver to the audience, you must keep true to. Sounds very simple… but if you look at Lynx for example, with the strapline: ‘The Lynx Effect’ in the TV and magazines adverts shows ladies flocking to men, burning dinner, crashing cars in the road and basically causing complete destruction in their quest to get to the man wearing the product. Of course this is ridiculous and would never happen from a guy simply spraying himself with the spray -  but by implanting the idea that with the product a guy will get girls: this appeals massively to the intended market, which is aimed at guys aged between 16-24, and in just three simple yet brilliant words ‘The Lynx Effect’ has absolutely done it’s job.

So if you have a great product an great brand, don’t skimp out on the strapline, be brave and be consistent. It’s no good having a strapline if it isn’t based on what you deliver and isn't consistent with your other marketing messages.

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