Posted: 2009-01-10

With hundreds of design companies to choose from…

Selecting the right one will mean your company will work together with an exciting and inspiring creative team, to get the very best results for you and your business.

Selecting the wrong one will cost money and time and could ultimately damage your businesses image and reputation.

Prime Creative know that choosing the right design company doesn't have to be a daunting prospect. So we've put together some tips and suggestions to help you make sure your choice is the right choice…

So Many to Choose From
Narrow it down. Look at design company websites and brochures for examples of their work, companies they've worked with, what services they offer, the culture of the company. Think about what it is that attracts you to them..

Get Together
Your initial meeting with a design company should cover company background, your company brand, the purpose of your business, existing market placement and competition, your audience, marketing and design objectives, deadlines and budgets.

What To Expect
An experienced design company should explore each of the above with you at this stage and be able to provide realistic viewpoints on each area.

Spending time to discuss your requirements with a design company is essential. Design is a two way relationship, you have to feel comfortable that the designers will understand your needs and that you will be able to discuss and develop ideas with them. The more your design partner knows about your expectations and the expectations of your company, the more you will achieve. Communication is the key to creating a successful, long term relationship…

Don't Hold Back
State what you want and don't be surprised if they do the same. Withholding valuable information will eventually cost time and money…

Look for Design Companies that have worked successfully with clients over a long period of time and whose work has been acknowledged by third party experts within the industry…

Pick two companies that you like and request written proposals. These should confirm what was discussed at your initial meeting and provide an estimated budget and timescale for the work…

Design is an inspiring and exciting process. embrace it…

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