Posted: 2021-06-29

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The new Page Experience Update from Google is the new algorithm that Google has launched. The update is focused on user experience, and to keep your ranking up, it is advised to make sure your website meets Google's new criteria.

So what is involved?

Largest Contentful paint – to put this simply, it measures how quickly the largest element on your page loads. This is designed to stop a user from waiting to see content.

First Input Delay – this feature measures how quickly your site responds to actions like clicking a button and getting a response.

Cumulative layout shift – this is about visual stability. This relates to small shifts in layout when pages are loading, which can cause users to select the wrong areas of the site.

These new features are in addition to the existing requirements of ensuring your site is mobile-friendly, safe browsing, HTTPS and no intrusive interstitials. These items are essential, along with the text's need to be informative and not 'hard sell'. Google has not assigned a weight to each of these elements, so it is wise to cover all bases.

The core web updates will require quality hosting to help with loading speeds, pushing companies away from cheap hosting solutions.

Google claims that most organic searches are found on mobile devices, which is why we believe the emphasis has been put on site speed and user experience.

We will be evaluating all of our client's websites regarding this update, and we are happy to assist new customers with any of their requirements. Contact us now on 01422 340220.

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