Posted: 2009-02-03

After Britain’s first significant snow fall in 18 years, kids are out on sledges, traffic is running slow, and the snow removal industry is making more money than they’ve seen in decades.

Curiously, there are so many gadgets available in Britain to remove snow… which I find sort of amusing as there is so little snow. I suppose if you are selling them, the last few days have been like winning the lottery. Who knew.

But this one takes the cake, a snow robot?

The Yaki-taro snow robot created in Japan is my favourite to date. This little yellow machine, decorated foundly as Pikachu, is equipped with snow removal insides, a GPS system, and cameras to view every angle. FOX news in America foundly describe this little monster as a snow eating ice-brick pooping machine!

Originally designed to encourage the elderly ot save their hearts and not shovel snow, it is now widely available for about £5000.

Now that’s what I call shovelling!

Picture taken from FOX NEWS

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