Posted: 2017-03-15

As the world of e-commerce websites has grown at a seemingly exponential rate, it has also become more and more difficult for businesses to determine the right kind of e-commerce site to suit their needs.

The e-commerce web site requirements may not actually be all that different from one company to the next, despite massive differences in clientele and products/services offered.

Every e-commerce web site needs to follow some universal rules such as being easy to use, being responsive to different screen sizes and SSL authentication, etc., but the most important choice to make in regards to an e-commerce web site is the platform. The platform defines the capabilities and limits of a web site, so selecting the right platform for your e-commerce web site is key.

In terms of platforms, Magento has certainly proven their worth as being the best all-round platform for e-commerce websites.

At Prime Creative, while we are experienced with and proficient in working with most web site platforms, we tend to recommend Magento for our clients because of its ease of use, customisation possibilities, compatibility with different devices and third-party application integration. Magento is partnered with eBay, which can also be a huge advantage when selling products to consumers. Magento is the platform of choice for some of the biggest names in e-commerce, such as John Lewis, Nike and Procter & Gamble.

Of course, e-commerce platforms aren’t simple a case of “one size fits all”. At Prime Creative, we take care to accurately assess all of our clients’ needs and goals before submitting our proposals, quotes or recommendations. To find out how we could assist you with your e-commerce web site, why not give us a ring?

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