Posted: 2021-06-05

Drive sales to your online shop through social media

Using social media is key to driving traffic to your online shop. Below are a few points that will help with your social marketing.

Before embarking on a social media campaign, capture how your site is currently performing and where traffic is coming from. Most importantly, how many of your visitors are converting to sales.

Make sure you know your audience. What makes them tick?

The point of social marketing is that your posts are of interest and hopefully shared and clicked.

Make sure you target the right platform, Facebook is used by many, but 18-29 year olds now favour Instagram. LinkedIn is primarily for B2B connections, and Twitter sits comfortably between LinkedIn and Facebook with 22% of social users using it.

Monitor times of day where your posts get more interaction. Join LinkedIn groups to connect with people that matter.

Try to create imagery inspired by real-life or share images of people engaging or using your product.

Use # where appropriate and get your message across in a simple manner. Providing a CTA (call to action) is helpful to engage with people.

Create a talking point. This could be a PDF download or perhaps a competition.

Highlight why visitors should look at your business profile and website.

Explain what you do and what makes you different.

You can drive more sales to your website encouraging customers to share their photos online with an appropriate #.

Associating with influencers is a great thing to do. Although the celebrity influencers' craze is fading. 'real' influencers carry a considerable amount of power. An example is Mrs Hinch, a housewife from Essex who took the cleaning world by storm with her comments and recommendation of products. Now a household name she is still relatable as her roots are firmly grounded in real life.

Creating posts is not enough; you need to engage to the people interacting with the page. Posts with images create 650% more engagement than posts with just text.

Every social media channel has the option for paid posts.

Using paid advertising as part of your social marketing is becoming more and more beneficial as the platforms ‘cash in’ on the power they hold. Social media advertising will ensure higher visibility.

We can provide a fully managed social media service please contact 01422 340220 or for more information.

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