Posted: 2008-12-08

I spent this weekend down in London, which, coupled with the influx Christmas decorations and carols in the studio this morning has nearly got me in the mood for Christmas (where has this year gone?)

We started Saturday evening off with a sunset flight on the London Eye. I’ve not been on before so I have to say I was suitably impressed. I’m glad the rain held off until afterwards, of course.

We then had dinner just up the road on South Bank at Chez Gerard – the food was incredible, service was excellent and the atmosphere was fantastic. Much to the dismay of the vegetarians we have here in the office – I highly recommend the steak…

Finally, and my personal highlight of the night was ending up at the Comedy Store in Leicester Square. Again, something I had not experienced before but would highly recommend it to anybody that find themselves in London (or Manchester). Just don’t sit right at the front if you don’t like being the source of the act’s jokes. I particularly enjoyed Rob Rouse’s (8 out of 10 cats, Friday Night Project) interpretation of the Computer Programmers sat beside us…

After many laughs, many bottles of wine later, finally got myself back home after a fantastic weekend to find myself without my beloved Mini Cooper S (they don’t make them like they used to – which is why it seems to spend more time in the garage), and driving a Mini Clubman – an interesting vehicle, though seemingly pointless as it is not much larger than my own car!

Apologies for the quality, or lack of, of my attempt at an arty nighttime shot of the Eye!

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