Decorative Panels

Branding & Brand Management, Showroom, Web Design & Development, Photography, Print, Animation, Video, Exhibitions and Graphic Design

Decorative Panels Group and Prime Creative have worked together for over 15 years.

During this period, Decorative Panels has become recognised as a leader supplier of decorative faced sheet materials, panel components and flat-pack furniture.

Decorative Panels are progressive with their marketing as they understand the corrolation between marketing, brand awareness and conveying information and the success of their business.

Their marketing tools include a virtual area with a touch screen for designers to play, create exciting interiors, and see them projected on a giant glass screen, creating an almost full-size representation. The group's marketing suite has been created to inspire and educate customers about their products and how they can be utilised within many markets.

Regular advertising in both soft and hard copy format, eShots, apps, literature and much more are all created in conjunction with the marketing team at Decorative Panels.

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