Do you know of The Halifax Holy Fox?

Do you know of The Halifax Holy Fox?

Date Posted: Sun 14th November 2021

We thought on this Remembrance Sunday it would be fitting to celebrate a local hero here in Halifax, The Halifax Holy Fox. 

Also known as the 1st earl of Halifax, Edward Frederick Lindley Wood, born into a Yorkshire family with a strong presence in politics and religion. Edward became a politician and significant influence throughout World War I and II.

Quick facts about the Holy Fox…

  1. Edward was a captain in the Queens own Yorkshire Dragoons sent to the front lines in 1916 during the first war.
  1. In 1925 he was appointed viceroy of India as a devout high churchman, his connections to religious faith helped him work with Mahatma Gandhi, one of the most powerful figures among Indian nationalists. 
  1. In 1940, he declined the position of Prime minister as he felt Winston Churchill would be a more suitable war leader who went on to inspire the country and lead Britain to victory in the second world war.
  1. For his remarkable service to the allied cause during World War II, he was named the Earl of Halifax in 1944. 

This weekend, we take time to remember everyone who helped serve and their courageous efforts. We also want to reflect on our history in Halifax and the surrounding areas, we are proud of our heritage, countryside and historical tales. We appreciate and value the 65,000 troops from the Yorkshire Regiment of the first war, may we never forget the sacrifices made for us today.

Lest we forget.