a place of light, of liberty, and of learning

a place of light, of liberty, and of learning

Date Posted: Sun 17th July 2011

For over 10 years Prime Creative have been taking students from local schools as part of the “work experience” scheme the career department run. Although tempted to make them our tea person we actually think it more worthwhile for them to get a real insight into industry. So they are set to work on live briefs with realistic deadlines. We also help them select the universities or colleges they may wish to apply to and the big question is how do I find the right uni?

Well, with the help of the national student survey and experience from the guys in studio, we have listed five highly rated Universities for creative minds, and quite conveniently their locations reach all corners of the UK!

Bradford www.brad.ac.uk

Kingston www.kingston.ac.uk

Brighton www.brighton.ac.uk

Glasgow www.gla.ac.uk

Bristol  www.bris.ac.uk