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Harry Thoughts

The most favourite team member with many clients, what this says about the rest of us we don't want to think about. His words help us all through each day.

Harrys thoughts

  • When people no longer make sense

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Wisdom, impartial advice and a waggy tail. When the creatives need to clear their heads Harry is there to help. When the sales team need help with their client skills Harry is on hand. Wherever you are in the studio he is never far away.


The month of love

Love has been all around this month. My favourite project in studio is a food catalogue - I bet you are wondering why. Well, we could say it is because it looks amazing, is really user friendly and is over 180 pages in size so has been a great job to have in studio but you are wrong. Cakes, buns, deli, cooked meats you name it and it is there. I dream of all the food in my creative naps. The client keeps promising to bring some food in when they come for visits - I wait with great anticipation.

In addition to food we have produced a brochure for a salon furniture manufacturer. I am personally not a dog who requires a hairdresser but I understand the need for comfort whilst having your hair done.
Web wise - we have three shopping sites, two collateral sites and three apps in development.
Ok must dash I hear cake.....


Baby it's cold outside

So the dark mornings are here. Usually I am eager to get out on my walk but I have to admit I am a little slow to get off my luxury memory foam mattress and face the world; it's a tough life!

Studio is a little grumpy first thing so coffee and biscuits feature heavily before 11am. There are some great jobs in studio at the moment; many are of special interest to me. We are building a website for Pyroglass who make high temperature sealing materials - great for when we have the fire on at home. We are also designing a new brand for a doggy company - top secret at the moment but naturally I am the key consultant on this project. Another job is a social media competition for REM who are giving away some fab hairdryers on facebook at the moment - last month the prize was a spa break - would love the pool at a spa, not sure about the hairdryer bit. I am told it is a fab gift as they work within the salon and spa industry. We are also doing three videos, and four exhibition stands among other things. Anyway, I must go now as I can see someone eating an apple, which means an apple core will be up for grabs.

Chat soon. Wrap up warm.



Lots of new things happening

Lots of things are changing at Prime. We are looking for new designers - job description - all the standard design skills with a massive creative talent but also the ability to cuddle me and save me an apple core or two.

We are working on an app for a furniture company and websites for industrial heat seals and laboratory testing equipment alongside three large exhibitions, two catalogues, three re-brands and goodness knows what else. Naturally I have a huge influence over the design direction as my role as Art Director.

Some of the team are going to the Paris Airshow with a client in a few weeks as we are building a fab stand for them - I am not allowed near it for some reason, as it is gloss white - I have no idea what their problem is I would love to run around it. When they are away I am having a sleep over with one of the guys in studio, which will be great fun.

I am still insisting on my afternoon naps, as I believe I am entitled to flexible working hours. They seem quite good about that sort of thing here. Anyway must dash now as it’s Sunday and I fancy a good walk – thought I better get my column (as I like to call it) in as we have a busy week.

Catch up soon xxx